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Here you will find a compilation of my networking experiences, completed projects with example configurations and best practices, works in progress, and a wide variety of tidbits of information about networking hardware and products. Among topics covered will be high availability, filtering, encryption, multi-homing, intrusion detection, sniffing, caching, layer 2 thru 5 switching, load balancing, VoIP, hardware/software bugs and caveats etc. At the bottom are a variety of links to other good resources for further information on these topics. 

Net Neutrality – Voice your support to Congress against the Internet providers who’d prefer to arbitrarily alter or limit your access to content on the Internet to legally extort those content providers and fatten their bottom lines.


Projects & Designs

  • Keep watching for new projects and designs I have completed, plus notes on issues encountered and resolved… Names and IP addresses will be altered to protect the innocent.


  • Comments, reviews, white papers, and nuggets of info on various specialty networking products I have worked closely with over the last few years…
  • Cisco CSS 11500 Content Services Switch, ACE 4710
  • Cisco GSS Global Site Selector
  • Cisco Cache Engine ACNS
  • Blue Coat SG9000, SG8100, SG810, AV2400, AV810, Director, Web Reporter
  • LogLogic – centralized syslog management

Configuration Tips & Links

Network Security & Risk Management

Known Security Exploits

  • Nothing current

Linux/Unix Software and Configuration

Webserver and PHP Applications

  • WordPress – Easy to use and well developed Blog application
  • PhpGedView – Excellent Genealogy management and collaboration system
  • fuzzymonkey Photo Gallery – Great little photo gallery app
  • PHProxy – Just in case you need a method to get around a proxy content filter

Network Management

Privacy Management

  • How Spammers harvest your email address – things to do or avoid doing to prevent your email address from receiving all that annoying junk mail.
  • liamtog – a nice tool to add to your website to clog those spambot email harvesters.
  • SpamAssassin – a powerful Spam filter with a Bayesian module as well as a tie into Vipul’s Razor built to run on Unix/Linux with Procmail or with various milter add-on’s for Sendmail. I recently replaced Spambouncer with this configuration and it has been much more successful and accurate. I get 2 or 3 Spams a day that actually make it into my inbox now and no false positives, where I used to get 15 to 20 a day with Spambouncer as well as frequent false positives.
  • Snert’s milter-spamc – a great way to tie SpamAssassin into Sendmail for sitewide configuration
  • Snert’s milter-sender – another milter add-on for Sendmail to check the validity of email sender’s
  • – a powerful set of Procmail recipes for filtering incoming email on a Unix system. Based on 5 years of personal experience, this has been an effective filter. The accuracy of this tool to avoid false positives and negatives increased dramatically with the release of version 1.7 and now 1.8 with the use of the Procmail scoring feature.
  • Norton Personal Firewall – aside from securing your PC out of the box from unwanted hacker probes, it has built in privacy management features to protect your confidential information from being accidentally leaked through your web browser or email.
  • Ad Aware – find and remove those annoying and uninvited spyware programs from your computer.

General Computers & Technology

  • BOINC – Distributed computing platform
  • SETI@Home – Distributed computing project searching for ET

Networking Resources

Network Security Resources

Tech Industry News and Resources

  • Net Neutrality Net Neutrality – voice your support to Congress against the providers who’d prefer to kill the Internet as we know it to fatten their bottom lines
  • DSL Reports – excellent forum for any DSL related information and troubleshooting support.
  • Light Reading – anything and everything on the telecommuncations industry, fiber optics market, and equipment manufacturers and new product reviews and tests.
  • Information Technology Professional Resource Center
  • Slashdot – news for nerds.
  • Tom’s Hardware Guide – a ton of advice and thousands of computer product reviews and head to head comparisons.
  • – find the best price on wholesale computer components.
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